Tom Hanks catfished Meg Ryan before we even knew what catfish was. I love this movie but facts are facts. @Nev @MTV
  1. Fake Name
    He never shares his real name with her - just his chat room/email handle. Red flag.
  2. Long term online chatting but avoiding offline meeting
    Tom Hanks avoids trying to meet Meg Ryan at any cost once he finds out who she is. It takes a failed engagement, a corporate buyout of her shop, and the development of an offline friendship for said meeting to happen.
  3. Avoiding video chat
    This one may be on the technology at the time but the point stands. Tom Hanks never video chats her.
  4. Avoiding clear photos
    Tom Hanks never sends her a proper photo of himself. Again, that may be because AOL attachments took a long time but still. Red flag!
  5. He was someone she knew
    In the end, it turns out the guy she was chatting with was someone she knew! After Tom Hanks found out who she was, he was essentially perpetuating a fake persona to continue to talk to her and stay romantically involved in her life. Those are always the best Catfish episodes!