Some were more useful than others.
  1. Linka/Wind
    Linka is only ranked this high because she is described as from the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union collapsed, they gave up and just said Eastern Europe. It's funny now but poor Linka. She must have felt left hanging in the wind.
  2. Kwame/Earth
    I think he did a lot to improve the image of agriculture amongst youth.
  3. Gi/Water
    Hailing from Thailand, Gi was always my favourite as a kid because of the way she said water. It's nice and melodic but also badass. She's also second to be called upon by Gaia.
  4. Wheeler/Fire
    He was a bit shit at environmental issues. I felt like most of the show was Kwame explaining shit to him. It did not do a lot to improve the image of Americans as a bit thoughtless when it comes to environmental preservation.
  5. Ma-Ti/Heart
    I mean, I don't give a fuck if he was supposed to encourage empathy and compassion for the environment. This motherfucker was pretty much useless in a battle against Eco villains. Shut it, Ma-Ti.
  6. Captain Planet once liked my tweet by the way.
  7. During COP21 in Paris. It was excellent.