Donald Drumpf Gifs for No Occasion

  1. When you've made a terrible mistake
    Hello darkness, my old friend...
  2. When you have taken money in phoney investment schemes to line your own pockets
  3. When you are working in customer service
    And lying through your teeth
  4. When someone calls you out on a lie
    And you're like fuck it, I'm pretend rich.
  5. When you want to confuse Justin Bieber by nodding your head when you wanna say no
    What do you mean, America? Just say no.
  6. When people say they like that you say what's on your mind
    But really they mean they like that you're openly a xenophobic douche
  7. But you brush it off because you're a megalomaniac
  8. When you're pretending you're not a thirsty attention whore
  9. When your friend fixes your hair before you have to go be a xenophobic douche
  10. When you're a beat off from reality
  11. When you've confused the Presidential race for a rap battle
  12. When the country decides they want better
  13. And it leaves your hair blowing in the cold wind
  14. When you just can't look at his face anymore and give up on this list