How I'd Spend My Time if I Was Immortal ↪️↩️

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Time/Travel
    I'd take a photo in the same place at 10 year intervals to see how the world - and areas - change.
  2. Creep people out
    Have you seen that terrible movie with Blake Not So Lively? Age of Adaline? She's all 'oh no, I can't let people know I'm immortal because the government want to do tests on me' so she changes her identity every 10 years because people would get wise? I would hang out with people for 30 year intervals just to make them think they were the weird ones who were rapidly ageing. Don't judge me - forever is a very long time.
  3. Be the new Man vs Food host
    It's not like I'll have a heart attack! And I have forever to go to the gym too! Bring on the burgs. This photo is from a burger place in Hong Kong. It's a patty between two grilled cheese sandwiches. I have no regrets and I would have even less if I were immortal.
  4. Have a tortured love affair.
    I've seen Buffy. I know what's up.