I've Been Joe Biden' My Time For This

I've been waiting for a good moment to do this but then I remembered, it's a Joe Biden gif for every occasion for a reason.
  1. When you've got your best friend's back at the State of the Union
  2. When you see someone you know at the State of the Union and want them to know you approve.
  3. When you channel your inner mean girl and say 'get in the car, loser, we're going shopping' whilst riding a dope drop top.
  4. When it's the end of April in London and shit is still snowing and you ain't having none of this scarf malarkey any more.
  5. When you get up to speak at an energy summit and can't see anyone you know.
  6. When you meet a camel.
  7. When you see bae and tell her to take a seat.
  8. When Timehop reminds you how young and hot you used to be and you're like 'Whaaaat?'
  9. When you get too handsy at the bar and your best friend is like 'no, honey, stop that.'
  10. When someone asks if you're drunk and you're like nah, I can recite the oath of vice presidency.
  11. When you're telling someone how big Donald Trump's hands are.
  12. When Beyoncé is singing and you realise you're in the company of a queen in a crowd full of dignitaries.
  13. When you drop the mic right at the vice presidential debates.
  14. When bae tells a like and you're shaking your head like 'oh honey, no.'
  15. And you say 'babe, that's a bunch of malarkey.'
  16. When you and your best friend say you're not drinking tonight.
  17. When you're sticking up for your best friend but it all comes out wrong.
  18. When you're an objectively great dad.
  19. When you're swearing in a baby.
  20. When you're gearing up for retirement and are like...