Jlo Songs I Know by Heart

I am crazy good at reciting JLo lyrics on demand. This list is all the songs I can go from beginning to end without faltering.
  1. Ain't it Funny Remix (feat Ja Rule)
    'IT MUST BE THE ASS'. I know the opening rap, I know the pauses, I know the head cock she makes in the video. I even know all the la la las and how to deliver them with the correct sass. This is my masterpiece. Sorry. JLo's masterpiece. The video is face and hair goals before such a term existed. However, I must point out that this has zero relationship to the original Ain't It Funny beyond the name. This makes me think that neither JLo or Ja know what a remix is.
  2. I'm Real Remix (feat Ja Rule)
    'What's my motherfucking name? R-U-L-E.' This is my favourite call and return in song form. The theme builds throughout with Ja asking her things and her singing in response. This creative partnership actually yielded many of my favourite songs. The soundtrack to my well spent youth in the library. This remix - again, I use said term loosely - was a moment in time. I want a Ja-JLo return. Please make it happen, List App. (However, burn that Juicy Couture track suit. Nope.)
  3. All I Have (feat LL Cool J)
    Ladies love Cool J for many reasons but this song is not one of them. He is one of the weakest links in the song but the song and video as a whole are strong enough to withstand rap lyrics that include 'Pride is what you had, baby girl, I'm what you have.' The video was my dream aesthetic at age 14. I would have killed for those high heeled Timberlands. I still wish nude lipstick looked good on Indian skin. I can still recite every lyric but I'm a little rusty at points - mostly at LL's bits.
  4. Gonna be alright (feat Nas)
    I still can't believe Nas participated in this. He just seems too cool for it, even now. Especially now. Was he poor? I just don't get it. His rap is way better than the rest of the song. He references Stephen King! You deserve more, Nas. I love this song though. The video, less so. The fashion was off, her make up was the opposite of on fleek at points, and her acting was not working. I blame the tail end of her relationship with Ben Affleck.
  5. If you had my love
    This song reminds me of summers in Singapore where we had nothing to do but eat, play, and watch MTV all the time. This video made me obsessed with her. Her hair, her face, her sassy hair flicks. The video is very Web 1.0 with the web cam going viral. The song itself is just ok. I struggle with the high bits but everyone knows that was Ashanti anyway.
  6. Jenny from the Block
    This isn't my favourite but I still know all the words. Terrible words. Even the rap which isn't even by Ja. It takes hard work to cash cheques, so don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, they're assets. The video is the best part because Ben Affleck LITERALLY KISSES HER ASS. 'Don't forget to stay real. To me, it's like breathing.' And then an Oscar winner kisses her butt on a YACHT.