I didn't choose the mug life, the mug life chose me. (All of these are gifts.)
  1. Ruth Bader Ginsberg mug
    My boyfriend is a prince amongst men and chief instigator of my mug habit. He also knows how I feel about feminist trailblazers. This mug lives with me at work so I can feel like a Supreme Court justice/boss. I mainly drink lemon and ginger tea with honey out of this one.
  2. Treat Yo Self mug
    Another boyfriend gift and one that makes me laugh every time I use it. In honour of Donna and Tom, I only use this mug for decadent hot chocolate. Because...treat yo self.
  3. Personalised mug
    This was given to me by my niece (well, my sister) when she was 3 days old for her first Christmas, five years ago. It's way too small to really sip tea but I intend to use it with her when she's older to spill the tea about lyf.
  4. Bartlet for America mug
    You knew a West Wing mug was on its way, right? My cousin Celina who is the closest I have to a little sister got me this for Christmas. It makes me smile every time I use it. She gets me. It went missing at work for 3 months once and I put up a MISSING poster for it. I take my mugs seriously. I mainly use this for Yorkshire Tea or any builder's tea.
  5. Dragon mug
    One from the boyfriend after we were comparing our Chinese horoscopes. I'm a dragon which is by far the coolest horoscope ever. I mainly use this for jasmine or flowering tea even though I really should be using a glass mug for that. Dragons just don't give a fuck.
  6. Hillary 2016 mug
    I'm with her. This mug is way too political to take to work yet. I'll wait until her inauguration. In the meantime, it's my weekend full of errands mug because bitches get shit done. I mainly drink earl grey out of this mug. With a side of Norwegian brown cheese on seeded bread. If you haven't tried Norwegian brown cheese yet, you need to do so now. It's like caramel cream but you get to eat it for breakfast like it's healthy!
  7. Giphy