Obama Gifs for Any Occasion

If Trump wins, November 2016 will be very sad for all of us. But no matter who wins, the end of the Obama presidency will be sad for the Internet because we will be losing the most gif-able head of state.
  1. When deliveroo surges it's delivery charge
    How is this ethical? You can't surge food delivery prices just because demand for SUSTENANCE has grown. Fuck you, I'll just go to Nando's myself then.
  2. When your manager is talking and you realised you've spaced out
    'Yes...I will action that...'
  3. When the universe aligns and you're in the groove.
    Or when you're reminding yourself to push for happiness.
  4. When you're trying hard not to say I told you so
    An eyebrow raise and knowing look says it all.
  5. When you finally decide what to do about a hard life choice.
    Done. We out. Let's go.
  6. When you see bae after two months
    And this is the PG13 reaction.
  7. When you drop a killer joke on your friend and they show their appreciation
    Killed it.
  8. When your list is featured
  9. When you're being polite to P Diddy
  10. The first 5 minutes of a family reunion until you're fighting about your celebrity death pool picks
    I'm sorry I predicted Harper Lee, it wasn't personal.
  11. When you're pretending to be happy for someone
  12. When you're genuinely happy for someone
  13. When Bill Clinton goes to kiss you but you really want to kiss Obama
  14. When you look at Timehop and are faced with the passage of time
    I'm old as fuck.
  15. When you're falling in love
  16. When you're the most gif-able head of state
  17. Thanks for the gifs, Obama
  18. When you back on top and the real homies came thru so u recognize
    Suggested by   @ktwoj