If aliens invaded and were like 'explain Christmas' to me, and you were all 'k, kinda busy and hungover so I'll just put on a VHS like a teacher and nap', which movies would you pick? (sorry, this is super secular - maybe someone could suggest some awesome movies about the origin of Christmas. Not Nativity starring the Whale Rider. Snore.)
  1. Elf
    It's actually perfect. There is everything you need to believe that Christmas won't suck this year.
  2. Gremlins
    The darkest Christmas story ever.
  3. Love Actually
    I hate Uncle Jamie!
  4. Home Alone
    Sorry but no kid is that cool at that age.
  5. Ghostbusters
    Bill Murray is a goddamn treasure. Whilst you can watch this at any time of the year, it just vibes more here.
  6. Cool Runnings
    Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. This is tangentially a Christmas movie.
  7. Uncle Buck
    The most perfect 2 mins of cinema is the scene of Uncle Buck answering Macaulay Culkin's questions. Also, Macaulay is a terrible first name, non?
  8. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    It's always on TV at Christmas even if it's not a Christmas movie.
  9. Harry Potter 3-7
    Don't bother with 1 and 2 but 3 onwards just feels like a Christmas excess session. When else would you have time to binge watch 3 hour long movies about teen wizards? They celebrate Christmas is every one, even in 7a and things are sad.
  10. While You Were Sleeping
    Completely underrated Sandra Bullock movie.
  11. Big?
    Suggested by @AshBrar