What I Love About Music

This is really late. I'm sorry @nathanveshecco but thank you for my first ever list request.
  1. It is powerful enough to stop an anxiety attack in its tracks.
    I suffer from anxiety disorder and the littlest things can become fixations that lead to panic attacks. One sure fire way of averting a panic attack is plugging in my noise cancelling headphones and listening to You and I by Wilco. I used to want it to be my wedding song but I've since realised that the You and I is me and my anxiety.
  2. It is powerful enough to make me feel powerful.
    Tapping into your own confidence and feeling like a goddamn boss can be helped by a solid jam. Beyoncé's Formation can make me feel powerful enough to handle anything. Taylor Swift's entire back catalogue can make me feel like twirling into work like a boss.
  3. It is powerful enough to forge connections across the world.
    My friend was visiting London from SF and we bonded over Rihanna's Work (work work work work). And my boyfriend was in SF at the same time and it was playing wherever he went too. So all of a sudden, California didn't seem so far away.
  4. It is powerful enough to transport you to a certain time and memory.
    Every time I hear Mr Brightside by the Killers, I'm 16 again. Which sends me back to being 19 again in Hong Kong on my year abroad where it was played all the time. It's pure joy. Every time I hear Read My Mind by the Killers, I'm reminded of my aunt and family. It's pure love.