Animals I saw in Costa Rica

Coolest trip ever with my high school best friend Lauren.
  1. Sloths!
    (Three toed, two toed, and one with a baby)
  2. Capuchin monkeys
    They were everywhere!!!
  3. Howler monkeys
    This one was leaning funny on his hand! They are very loud, very early in the morning.
  4. Toucans
    Fire billed 🔥
  5. Viper snake
  6. Iguanas and a million geckos
  7. Tarantulas
  8. Hummingbirds
    Many breeds, each more beautiful and tinier than the one before it.
  9. Crabs
  10. Dolphins
    Couldn't really get a good pic..
  11. Lots of other cool birds.
  12. And a million crazy looking bugs!