He's this brilliant but really weird guy. There are lots of unconfirmed family stories about him. Like they say he played violin for the New York Philharmonic. Also that he once air conditioned his entire house with one window unit and venting made out of folded paper grocery bags.
  1. One of those smiling scrubby sponges from the infomercial.
    He gave one to every woman in our family that year for Chanuka.
  2. A keychain clock that says the time out loud when you press a button.
    This was my bat mitzvah present.
  3. Not a gift, but after we got married he sent me an email with a link to an article titled "10 things you must talk about before you get married."
    The subject line was "it's not too late"
  4. A driving map of New Jersey
    So that I could hang it on my wall in Chile to remember where I come from. This one was kinda sweet.
  5. Many burned CD mixes.
    Usually of some kind of music that he thought I would like, and he always followed up with an email to see if I liked it. Looking back, this was very thoughtful of him.
  6. A pair of socks.
    They had some sort of metallic design on them and were freshly washed and dried. Makes me think they were definitely used.
  7. I'll add more as it comes to me...