1. A new apartment!
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    We are a little bummed that it's being built and we won't have it until January. My chef husband is extra excited about the open kitchen with endless counter space. The picture is of the model unit.
  2. Tickets for The Color Run!
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    It was fun but I can't get all the sparkles out of my workout leggings. Now I feel weird when I go to the gym in them.
  3. A milk frother
    Seemed so frivolous at the time but I LOVE IT!!! I use it almost every morning to make a matcha almond milk latte. Fancy I know.
  4. A stick mixer
    Is that what they're called? I made some banging red lentil soup, thanks for the recipe uncle Irwin!
  5. A one year gym membership
    To a cheaper gym since I also pay for Pilates classes. Not sure if I'm already regretting it...
  6. I bought a bottle of red wine yesterday! It was actually a pretty enjoyable purchase 🍷
    Suggested by @kate81