This is my third summer in Chile and my whole life has changed in a couple of years...
  1. Then: single
  2. Now: married
  3. Then: lots of student debt
  4. Now: debt free! (Thanks to my great job I did it all by myself!)
  5. Then: apartment renter
  6. Now: apartment owner!!!!!! (waiting for it to be built, we'll move in in 1 year)
  7. Then: no nieces or nephews
  8. Now: I have 5!!!! (2 not pictured)
  9. Then: untraveled
  10. Now: I've been to some cool places
  11. Then: chunky non-gym goer
  12. Now: much more consistent gym goer (still kinda chunky, it's really hard being a woman)
  13. Then: glasses and contact wearer
  14. Now: non glasses wearer due to lasik surgery! (Miss my glasses sometimes but boy is life easier)
  15. Then: TV obsessed (maybe to not admit that I had no social life)
  16. Now: still love TV, but it is not a priority
  17. Then: English speaker
  18. Now: English and Spanish speaker
  19. Then: very nervous brand new teacher
  20. Now: much more confident with some experience teacher