1. My two day fever has finally gone away (while on Tylenol).
  2. My husband brought home yummy food from work!
    Looks terrible in that plastic bag but it's some kind of fish with onions and carrots and broth and stuff. Yum!!! Also, anything he brings home from work is leftover from the President of Chile's dinner or lunch which is awesome.
  3. A new friend at work gave me a Chanukah care package!
    I'm especially excited about this because I really haven't celebrated any Jewish holidays since moving to Chile 2.5 years ago. I'll get to fully share Chanukah with my husband this year!
  4. It's a 4 day weekend!
    Tuesday is the day of Immaculate Conception and my school gave us Monday too!
  5. I have clean sheets on my bed 🛌😊