Currently on a North America creative expedition from 25/10/15 - 11/12/15. Traveling from Vancouver > Portland > SF > LA > Montreal > NYC
  1. At our Airbnb apartment along Seymour Street in Vancouver
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  2. Exploring the alleys of Gastown
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  3. Granville Island sightings
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  4. Granville Island
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  5. Late Night Dilemmas
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  6. More Apartment Views
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  7. Deep Cove Marina
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  8. Deep Cove Marina
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  9. Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
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  10. Lynn Canyon Park
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  11. Forty-Ninth Parallel Coffeeshop along Main St.
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  12. Checking out Indie Bookstores along Main St.
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  13. F as in Frank Vintage Store
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  14. Exploring the hidden alleys behind Anti Social Skate Shop
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  15. That Old Faithful Shop
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  16. Chinatown Sightings
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  17. El Kartel @ Chinatown has the best Art
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  18. Tony's Shirt @ Livestock Chinatown
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  19. Best pizza around our area (@ Pizza Garden)
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    The store owner reminds me a lot of Sal from Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing (1989)
  20. Red Bull Canada office along Homer St.
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  21. Up Cypress Mountain
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  22. Cypress Mountain
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  23. Late Night food
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  24. Gastown Tattoo Parlor
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  25. Gastown Tattoo Parlor
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  26. Freshly Inked
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  27. Vinyl Fix @ Beatstreet Records
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  28. Last night drinks at Board of Trade
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