I mean, come on.
  1. Nicolas Roeg
    Specifically for Don't Look Now.
  2. Pam Grier
    This isn't is being willfully difficult about what gets nominated; specifically, she didn't get nominated for Jackie Brown, which is nuts.
  3. Glenn Ford
    Dude was in the movies for 50 years and didn't even get on the ballot once.
  4. Isabelle Huppert
    Your system is kind of fucked if one of the world's greatest actresses can't even get on the board. If Isabelle Adjani, Catherine Deneuve, and Juliette Binoche can get on the ballot, surely Huppert should have at some point.
  5. Jon Brion
    While looking this up, I actually said "That can't be right" out loud when I got zero results.
  6. Malcolm McDowell
    Oh come on, now you're not even trying.
  7. Anyone else?