I've finally pinpointed the reasons I lose. For the record, I'm top 4 in a 12 person league. But I'm still bitter.
  1. The Arizona RB Situation
    There are three RBs that each matter in Arizona. I have Chris Johnson who is arguably the best of the 3, but is still splitting workload with Andre Ellington and David Johnson.
  2. Jeremy Hill
    C'mon, man! Jeremy Hill is so unpredictable and inconsistent it's ridiculous. Combine that with the running-back-by-committee approach in Cincinnati with Gio, and it's a losing situation.
  3. Frank Gore's Slow Start
    I have faith here. But Frank is the lone running threat on a team that has lost its passing game...and the numbers haven't been there yet. One week soon. Maybe this week?
  4. Flukes from My Opponent
    Ah, yes. The typical excuse. But seriously...Doug Martin with 30+ points? YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS RIGHT NOW.