Tyrese is one of the most genuinely entertaining and perversely fascinating celebrities on Instagram. He's a prodigious poster, but is incredibly self-referential -- so it can be hard for a new follower to jump in to what is otherwise an un-ironically profound experience. Let this dictionary be your guide to the truly wonderful world of @Tyrese.
  1. #VoltronStudios
    (noun) - Tyrese's company
  2. #VoltronEnterprises
    (noun) - another name for Tyrese's company. it should also be noted that Tyrese has more than once insisted that it's spelled "EnterpriseZ, with a Z," but the hashtag is always spelled in proper English.
  3. #VoltronPictures
    (noun) - the features arm of Voltron Studios
  4. #VoltronRecordz
    (noun) - the music arm of Voltron Studios
  5. #VoltronTravel
    (noun) - not wholly clear, but possibly referring to the fleet of vehicles in which Tyrese transports himself (SEE: Voltron Ghost Sprinter, or the many photos of yachts and helicopters and private jets that Tyrese often posts -- with the "V" for Voltron logo photoshopped on). also, potentially, a travel agency within Voltron Studios.
  6. #VoltronChairman
    (noun) - Tyrese's position at Voltron Studios
  7. #MatrixDecodedStudios
    (noun) - this is a tough one, but as far as I can tell it's the name of the physical office space that Voltron Studios occupies
  8. If #MatrixDecodedStudios is the physical space that #VoltronStudios occupies, then is #VoltronStudios simply a beautiful idea made manifest by #MatrixDecodedStudios?
    hard to say
  9. #MatrixLounge
    (noun) - the name of the hookah lounge and fire pit that Tyrese constructed in the backyard of Matrix Decoded Studios
  10. #EinsteinLounge
    (noun) - a conference room in Matrix Decoded Studios.
  11. #VoltronGhostSprinter
    (noun) - Tyrese's custom-built luxury transport van BONUS FUN FACT: His full-time personal driver is a drop-dead gorgeous Serbian Taekwondo champion
  12. #VisionImplementor
    (noun) - what Tyrese calls himself when he turns his dreams into realities (SEE: Voltron Ghost Sprinter)
  13. #MrSignificant
    (noun) - what Tyrese calls himself sometimes
  14. #GeniusForwardThinkingMoguls
    (noun, despite its adjectival makeup) - what Tyrese refers to himself as in conjunction with one or more other likeminded artists of high public profile (SEE: Sean Combs)
  15. #TheOath
    (noun) - this one's a doozy: after internet rumors spread that Tyrese would play the Green Lantern in DC's upcoming reboot, Tyrese took to Instagram to lobby Warner Brothers hard for the opportunity. he posted dozens of fan-generated images of himself in the mask while quoting the Green Lantern oath ("In brightest day..."), but more often than not he was happy to simply leave it as "#TheOath." truly a masterclass in Instagram propaganda.
  16. #BlackRose
    (noun) - Tyrese's upcoming album
  17. #SHAME
    (noun) - Tyrese's new single
  18. #GlobalTakeover
    (verb, i think?) - the process in which Voltron Studios teams up with Legendary Pictures and the OWN Network on both multimedia projects and the construction of a world-caliber movie studio in Abu Dhabi.
  19. Is #GlobalTakeover Some Sort Of Joke?
    no, so get on board
  20. #DumbShit
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    (adjective) - the hashtag Tyrese used the day his assistant screwed up a flight booking and was subsequently fired... over Instagram. (SEE: photographic evidence)
  21. To Be Totally Clear
    19,512 people liked the post in which Tyrese fired his assistant