i would also buy these if they were action figures
  1. Punk Rock Prom Queen from the Josie and the Pussycats song
  2. Nic Cage in the "not the bees!!" scene from Wicker Man
  3. Roofio specifically in the food fight scene from Hook
  4. XXX in his fur coat and underwear and sunglasses from XXX
  5. Grandma Gilmore specifically in her Gene Simmons from KISS mask from Happy Gilmore
  6. the girl from the Cakefarts video (haven't figured out how to pull this one off yet)
  7. Leo McGarry (my dog's name is President Bartlet and every day i handle his shit so it's possible i've already fulfilled this one)
  8. the guitar guy from Mad Max Fury Road
  9. Snake Plisskin (only if i can find someone to dress up as the Duke of New York)
  10. Henry Francis in the scene where he tells Sally that Betty Draper is dying (only if i can find someone to dress up as Betty Draper)
  11. a dinosaur
  12. Turboman from Jingle All The Way
  13. Sarris from Galaxy Quest