is this how i lose all my followers?
  1. Independence Day
    best aerial battle since Star Wars, if not "in the history of mankind." yet to be topped.
  2. Looper
  3. Step Brothers
    we never found out if Brennan likes guacamole tho
  4. A Serious Man
  5. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
    six words: "Welcome to the Hall of Presidents."
  6. Billy Madison
    this taught me everything i know about screenwriting, particularly that you can skip a lot of needed but boring expo by simply having your characters break spontaneously into song for 30 seconds
  7. House of the Devil
  8. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans
    those colons tho
  9. Too Big To Fail
  10. Galaxy Quest
  11. Honorable Mentions...
    Mars Attacks!, Return to Oz, XXX State Of The Union, Men In Black, Josie and the Pussycats, Raiders of the Lost Ark