1. Saturday afternoon naps
  2. Desk naps
  3. Toilet naps
    the unicorn of naps
  4. A billowing American flag
    there's a reason Michael Bay has a trillion dollars
  5. Peeing after a reaaally long stint in LA traffic
  6. Getting that thing I bought online in the mail after forgetting I bought it online
  7. Dog kisses
  8. Morning coffee
  9. Second morning coffee
  10. Mid-morning coffee
  11. Noon coffee
  12. After-lunch coffee
  13. Afternoon coffee
  14. After-work coffee
  15. Reading in a hammock
  16. First sip of after-work beer
  17. First sip of second after-work beer
  18. First sip of third after-work beer
  19. Waking up the morning after after-work beer without a hangover
    i'm only 26; this shouldn't be a small pleasure! it should be a thing that happens so consistently i take it for granted! ugh fml
  20. An Uber driver who doesn't try to make conversation
  21. The crew at the commissary knowing my name and my order
  22. A no-turbulence flight
  23. Air conditioning
  24. Rediscovering a forgotten love
    like Space Jam or Phantom Planet
  25. Re-watching Space Jam