I moved from NYC to LA in a hurry to take a new job and left a lot behind.
  1. A "READ: LL Cool J for America's Libraries" poster
  2. A Lana Del Rey concert poster from her June 2012 show at Irving Plaza, NY
  3. A Howard TV poster from the Howard Stern Show, autographed by Beetlejuice
  4. A framed two-page spread from an early 80s Variety congratulating George A. Romero for acquiring the adaptation rights to Stephen King's new novel The Stand ("The combined talents of George A. Romero and Stephen King should provide spectacular results," the VP of King's publishing company offered)
  5. A "Comments? Complaints? Help Us Build A Better Derek!" suggestion box handmade by my sassy former coworkers at FX's The Americans writers office
  6. A pair of red slacks that my girlfriend wouldn't let me wear in Greenwich Village but which I think would fit in fine in Silverlake
  7. A Shipyard Beer Company cooler shaped like a Shipyard Summer Ale beer can
  8. A Bruce Springsteen poster from his 2012 Wrecking Ball tour
  9. A gold jar shaped like a lifesized human skull
  10. A drafting table
  11. 500 (give or take) Prismacolor markers
  12. An action figure of Captain Steven Hiller (Will Smith) from Independence Day
  13. An action figure of the alien Captain Steven Hiller punches in the face just before saying "Welcome to Earth!!" in Independence Day
  14. A Nickelodeon alarm clock (circa 1996) which wakes you up by chanting "Nick Nick Nick, N-Nick Nick Nick, Nickelodeon!"
  15. Justice League: The New Frontier (approximate weight 4-5 pounds)