This list will be continually updated because I had a LOT of crushes, you guys.
  1. Robin Hood
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    Always #1. Such swagger. That accent.
  2. Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)
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    Swoon-worthy hair and eyebrows. Loves his dog.
  3. Jack Kelly (Newsies)
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    Singing. Dancing. Leading revolutions. Christian Bale!
  4. Laurie (Little Women)
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    (Even though he marries Amy). Christian Bale!
  5. Gilbert Blythe (Anne of...)
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  6. Harry (A Far Off Place)
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    This movie is about a girl (Reese Witherspoon!) whose family is massacred and then she has to walk across the Kalahari to escape...but I was still jealous of her due to her traveling companion.
  7. Thackerey Binx (Hocus Pocus)
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    "I shall always be with you."
  8. Dickon (The Secret Garden)
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    Even prickly Mary couldn't help loving him.