Most of my screenshots are actually multi-screen photos of recipes from cooking blogs, which also means that my phone often has the faint sheen of splattered olive oil across its screen.
  1. Static
    Explaining raclette to my friends, after suggesting it for our Easter meal
  2. Static
    Favorite tweet recently
  3. Static
    Proof that, for a brief time, I sat alone atop my university's bracket challenge. I filled mine out largely based on mascot cuteness.
  4. Static
    Favorite Oscars dress (that color!), worn by Lydia Hearst. Chris Hardwick agrees.
  5. Static
    Epic song I heard on an episode of The Leftovers. Shazam makes life so easy.
  6. Static
    💯 nail polish color. Stockholm Symdrome by Smith&Cult
  7. Static
    Literally a list of all of my favorite things, c/o @introvertdoodles on Insta
  8. Static
    Screenshotted this as an answer to somebody's list about who you would want to narrate your autobiography (I think?). I understand that this is a divisive choice, but I find Kristen Schaal's unique voice oddly comforting.
  9. Static
    When my list of saved articles ended up having a theme. Also, the list is much longer than what fits here.
  10. Static
    Update from my sister on my cat niece 😻💗
  11. Static
    When everyone in your shared calendar has the same plans
  12. Static
    Autocorrect that made me giggle.
  13. Static
    A dress from a wedding photog blog that gave me FEELINGS.
  14. Static
    My sister's perfect Claire Danes impression.
  15. Static
    A Domino's sponsored just looked so cheesy and delicious. 🍕