Worst Employments

I know every job has its perks but there are some I find just terrible.
  1. Psychic Medium
    People come to you for comfort and you just make up some story to charge some money, just delaying closure and prolonging grieving.
  2. Debt Collector
    Intimidating, bothering, threatening people to pay a debt you know nothing about specially when your company is charging stupid amounts of interest.
  3. Parking Ticket Officer
    You ruin the day of every person you meet.
  4. Judge
    You must convince yourself that the law is perfect in order not to hate this job. Imagine arriving home after a sentence where something is legally right but morally wrong or viceversa.
  5. Lawyer
    In some cases, defending evil. Same case as the judge.
  6. Telemarketer
    Lying for a living. Mainly to poor, uneducated people... Earning a minimum wage while you make a rich guy richer.
  7. Priest
    I know this is controvertial, specially if you are religious but preaching a lie and being ordered to not have a healthy romantic/sexual relationship is just unnatural.
  8. Crime Journalist
    Imagine just watching crime scenes everyday and doing nothing about it but deminishing them to entertainment.
  9. Health Insurance Worker
    How could you tell someone that his/her health has a price.
  10. Politician, Police Officer, Social Leader
    I would just get killed or be part of what I'm against and kill myself.