Favorite Podcast ATM

I have a long commute so I listen to a lot of podcast!! everyone knows serial, so I will not add that to the list
  1. 2 Dope Queens
    Phoebe & Jessica are HILARIOUS! and their guest are normally just as funny. Definitely check it out if you want a good laugh
  2. The Black Tapes Podcast
    If you love creepy stories then you'll love this one! Its a story telling podcast told week by week. It's mostly about demons and other creepy stuff. I binged the first season and had nightmares!! But it's oh so good!
  3. Tanis
    This podcast is made by the same people behind The Black Tapes Podcast, Pacific Northwest Stories (PNWS). This story is also a story telling podcast but has to do more so on conspiracy theories. Its not as scary as TBT but it's just as good!
  4. 99% Invisible
    It talks about the reason why things are designed the way they are, which ends up being really interesting! Like one episode was about why certain park benches or areas around buildings are uncomfortable..they design them that way to prevent people for staying there too long.. maybe that wasn't a great example. Just listen!! Plus Roman Mars' voice is awesome
  5. This American Life
    This podcast normally starts off with a theme for the week and will then normally tell 3 different stories from 3 different people which relates to that theme. Sometimes it could follow one person sometimes 4...but all of the stories are real. This podcast will make you laugh, cry, and think about things. I love it!
  6. Criminal
    Criminal is sooo good!! It talks with people who have either committed a crime, who had a crime committed against them, or they have just been caught somewhere at the wrong time. I love every single episode they put out! They are all so good! Definitely worth the listen
  7. Death Sex + Money
    It's kinda like criminal and this American life combined. Each episode is about someone new and will fall under the category of death,sex or money. I love hearing real stories from real people