I'm embracing it though
  1. I have homework due in a few hours
    but I'm thinking of list ideas
  2. waking up is a lot of effort
    I spent all the energy waking up, I should take a nap
  3. eats fries...then gets more
    that's the only food I've eaten today
  4. I'm "studying"
    I have my notes out & am downloading music
  5. My room is a mess
    but Netflix
  6. I sit on my floor because my getting ready for bed process is so daunting
    it's really just washing my face & brushing my teeth
  7. I'm bored
    so I should eat something..? yes
  8. what is laundry?
    if it doesn't smell I can wear it again
  9. I don't use a top sheet
    it's too much effort to make my bed, I just use blankets
  10. I'll go thirsty if I have to go to my kitchen
    it's so far, and I don't want to see my roommate
  11. I haven't been to Dynamics in a month