I'm so tired of looking at Solids so I'm people watching, and by people I mean him
  1. I really like his stubble
  2. he glasses make him look hot
  3. wow muscles
  4. he's wearing sweatpants but it's finals week I'll allow it
  5. I hope he notices me
  6. plz plz make eye contact
  7. what if my face just looks mean & scares him
  8. am I staring? I hope I'm not staring
  9. did he sit across from me because he saw me & thought I was cute?
  10. aww he dances while he listens to music too
  11. oh he's getting up
  12. oh he's stretching
  13. flexxxxxxx
  14. I wonder if that's for me, he's showing off for me
  15. oh he's leaving...