with my luck this list will grow
  1. my TA & her student, summer 2015
    I studied abroad this past summer & some of us went to Budapest for the weekend. After a drunken boat party, I came back & got ready for bed. Then I heard my TA & some guy (who I learned was her student) come in & proceed to have sex in her top bunk in the hostel room. My friend was awake the whole time above me & I never knew. The best part? The guy in the closest top bunk woke up & drank water, but never knew what was transpiring 4 feet away.
  2. my ex's roommate & the girl that wouldn't put out, fall 2015
    I was sleeping over with my then boyfriend in his dorm & I woke up to his roommates friend (that's a girl) climb into bed with him. They started the sloppiest make out session I've ever heard. She then said she wouldn't sleep with him & he said "at least give me head." She was really hesitant & he just kept saying "come on, just do it" & ended up guilting her into it even though she didn't really want to. I heard the whole thing. It was then I decided I didn't like him.
  3. my roommate & her new boyfriend, spring 2016
    I'm not technically in the same room as her, but we share a very thin wall. She once woke me up at 3:30am on a Tuesday night with a squeaking bed frame that was hitting the wall & her moaning. She's woken me up with the same thing at more decent hours too. One time my boyfriend started commentating & they stopped. Once I accidentally DJ'd their session (I was listening to Flume out loud & then realized I'd get down to that too).
  4. that couple watching Civil War, spring 2016
    I just saw Captain America: Civil War. Entering the theater the woman my friend & I sat next to kinda gave us a weird look. As soon as the trailer started, she and her boyfriend started being, should I say incredibly affectionate. Needless to say we got to sit next to a couple who's hands were in each other's pants the whole movie...