She's quite a bit older than most moms for someone my age, and when it comes to my generation...well she doesn't always get it
  1. "fuckboy"
    she said it sounded like a male sex slave
  2. casual dating
    this to her means I'm a slut and I'm sleeping with every breathing male I encounter
  3. parties
    I think she has that movie version of frat parties stuck in her head, but I can just chill with friends and that can be a party too
  4. how I get alcohol
    I have friends that are older, friends of mine have fakes, that's how college works
  5. I do actually study
    I literally study all week and it's so boring, that's why I don't gush on and on about it
  6. raves are for drugs
    yeah, that's a part of the culture but first and foremost it's all about the music and the vibes
  7. highway driving
    it's supposed to get you somewhere faster, it's not hell on earth (she had a bad experience and tried to keep me from driving on then)
  8. revealing/tight clothing isn't "asking for it"
    she's old fashioned...but come on...
  9. how I read people so quickly
    sometimes you just see that person and know they're incredibly annoykng