1. when someone younger than you gets an internship
    you have less experience why!?
  2. not being able to dance well
    I look like a spaz
  3. not knowing the words to a popular song
    I've mastered the art of mumbling lyrics
  4. when my hair won't stay in a braid
    how do those girls do it? so flawless
  5. my sloppy handwriting
    it looks like chicken scratch
  6. Asian glow
    I can't really help that but I'm the only one that it's obvious I've been drinking
  7. when I see people sprinting laps at the gym
    wow I'm impressed why can't I be fit
  8. (true) hipsters
    oh to be effortlessly cool...
  9. acne
    I'm not a teenager anymore I thought this was supposed to stop
  10. not understanding stuff the first time
    "oh it's simple" yeah fluffing right