Warmer weather is creeping up on us so we're dreaming about spending time outdoors. Check out these homes with covered patios and terraces.
  1. A Wood & Glass Holiday House in Australia
    Blairgowrie 2 house inform design 2 600x400
    Built from wood and glass, the Blairgowrie 2 is a pavilion-style, vacation home in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula in Australia from InForm Design. Read more: http://design-milk.com/wood-glass-holiday-house-victorias-mornington-peninsula/
  2. Incredible House with a Glass Bottom Pool
    Jellyfish house waa 10 600x900
    Situated on the coast of Spain in Marbella, the Jellyfish House, designed by Wiel Arets Architects, utilizes a cantilevered design so the homeowners can view the ocean from the top floor. Read more: http://design-milk.com/jellyfish-house-wiel-arets-architects/
  3. 60s House Goes Modern While Keeping its Soul
    Du tour residence architecture open form 2a 600x400
    Located in Laval, a city just north of Montréal, this house needed a more modern interior but it was important to the family to keep the heart and soul of the original design. Read more: http://design-milk.com/house-60s-becomes-modern-keeping-soul/
  4. An Edwardian House Gets a Modern Renovation
    Edwards residence b.e architecture 6
    Located in the Melbourne, Australia suburb of Elsternwick, the Edwards Residence, an existing Edwardian house, received a major renovation and addition by b.e architecture. Read more: http://design-milk.com/modern-addition-renovation-edwardian-house/
  5. A Classic Bauhaus Villa in Munich
    House l stephan maria lang 4 600x400
    House L, by Stephan Maria Lang, is an L-shaped residence in Munich designed for a young family. Read more: http://design-milk.com/classic-bauhaus-villa-munich/
  6. One Tree Hill by ONG&ONG
    One tree hill house ong ong 12 600x402
    One Tree Hill blends indoor and outdoor living in Singapore with focus going to the beautiful lush garden. Read more: http://design-milk.com/one-tree-hill-ongong/
  7. Trousdale Residence by Marmol Radziner
    Marmol radziner trousdale residence 3 600x389
    The single story home, designed by Marmol Radziner, boasts views of the ocean and Century City atop its terraced lot. Read more: http://design-milk.com/trousdale-residence-marmol-radziner/
  8. Rustic Meets Modern: Casa Jardin by Cinco Patas al Gato
    Casa jardin 8
    Designed by Cinco Patas al Gato and located in San Salvador, El Salvador, the house is structured around a central garden where all rooms have direct access via covered pathways. Read more: http://design-milk.com/rustic-meets-modern-casa-jardin-by-cinco-patas-al-gato/
  9. A Modular Apartment in Tel Aviv with a Cool Staircase
    Toledano architects duplex penthouse 16 600x399
    The Tel Aviv-based firm Toledano + architects designed the Duplex Penthouse complete with a surrounding roof terrace. Read more: http://design-milk.com/modular-penthouse-apartment-tel-aviv/
  10. Villa Amanzi by Original Vision Architecture
    Amanzi 3 open lr
    This villa in Phuket, Thailand, which has hints of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water in that it is multi-level and built into the landscape. Read more: http://design-milk.com/villa-amanzi-by-original-vision-architecture/