The boiling hot days of summer are upon us meaning plenty of outdoor time. Hopefully some of that time includes a bit of relaxing and reflecting as you try to stay cool. Here are 10 spaces we wish were ours because we’d love to relax there and swing all summer long. Read more here:
  1. Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan's Shelter Island home \\\ Photo by Allan Maldonado
    Roundup outdoor swings 1 adler doonan
    A one-story house and pool pavilion designed by Gray Organschi Architecture, has a seventies California feel that was created by the homeowners themselves, including this relaxing poolside retreat with a chair swing.
  2. Casa Abierta by Kube Architecture \\\ Photo by Paul Burk
    Roundup outdoor swings 2 kube architecture abierta 600x383
    Designed around a courtyard, there's a deck off the kitchen which provides plenty of room to relax, especially in the casual hanging chair.
  3. Duplex in Tel Aviv by Toledano + architects \\\ Photo by Oded Smadar
    Roundup outdoor swings 3 toledano tel aviv 600x399
    Even though it's not a house on the ground floor, it still has a remarkable roof deck with a pergola and simple swing.
  4. Aigai Spa in São Paulo, Brazil by figueroa.arq \\\ Photo by Leonardo Finotti
    Roundup outdoor swings 4 aigai spa figueroa 600x901
    An elongated pool runs the length of the patio and at one end hangs a multicolored swinging chair.
  5. Onemana Holiday Home on New Zealand’s North Island by Studio 19 \\\ Photo by Simon Devitt
    Roundup outdoor swings 5 onemana holiday home  600x909
    A custom-built home with an outdoor deck, that includes a wicker chair swing, is level to the home’s floor making it a natural extension of the interior.
  6. Contemporary home in Hawaii by Nicole Hollis \\\ Photo by @laure
    Roundup outdoor swings 6 nicole hollis hawaii 600x900
    The home boasts indoor/outdoor living that’s complete with a relaxing bench swing to enjoy the Hawaiian breeze.
  7. Minimalist home outside of Antwerp by AIDarchitecten \\\ Photo courtesy of AIDarchitecten
    Roundup outdoor swings 7 aidarchitecten winkel 600x909
    A simple, black egg-like swing hangs underneath a covered patio outside of this minimalist house.
  8. CP Harbour House outside of Toronto by MJ | Architecture \\\ Photo by Lorne Bridgman
    Roundup outdoor swings 9 cp harbour house 600x900
    A vacation home with a large, bed-like swing hanging on a tree-surrounded deck.
  9. tresARCA house in Las Vegas by AssemblageSTUDIO \\\ Photo by Bill Timmerman and Zack Hussain
    Roundup outdoor swings 10 tresarca house assemblage 600x367
    A covered outdoor living room that has a swinging sofa and embedded strips of fire for chilly nights.
  10. @jennikonner of @girlshbo, and Richard Shepard's Hollywood Hills home by Bestor Architecture \\\ Photo by Matthew Williams
    Roundup outdoor swings 8 barbara bestor konner 600x802
    This 1963 home's yard features native plants and an Egg swing by Patricia Urquila for Kettal to sit back and enjoy the nature surrounding it.