It’s good enough to contain our wine and champagne thanks to it being durable and impenetrable, along with its cushion-like properties, so it makes sense that it’s growing in popularity as a go-to material. Take a look at these 10 products that take cork to a whole new level.
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  2. Lumbar Pillow Cover in Cork Dash Gold by Spicer Bags
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  3. Cork Tall Vase by Melanie Abrantes Designs
  4. Cork Stool A by Jasper Morrison for Vitra
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  5. Cork Cube Tape Dispenser by Suck UK
    Cork cube tape dispenser pd 3
  6. Cork Flashlight from Kikkerland
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  7. Cork Cone by Wrong For HAY x Daniel Emma
    113715 a2 wrong for hay cork cone
  8. Cork Coaster by Trine Andersen for ferm LIVING
    Gallery 1
  9. Corkbox by Skram Furniture
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  10. Cork Folder A4 by Nomess Copenhagen
    Cork folder a4 colour 567642
  11. Pinorama Cork Shelf by Inga Sempe for HAY
    Pinorama shelf s cork grande