Does that childhood feeling of running away to live in a treehouse ever really leave us? We think not, so we scoped out 10 really cool treehouse we’d love to retreat to when we need a little calm. Read more:
  1. The HemLoft is a private, egg-shaped hideaway built within the trees in Whistler, Canada.
    Roundup modern treehouses 4 hemloft canada
  2. RPA’s Treehouse sits on a steep ridge in Los Angeles’ Nichols Canyon and is used as an office/studio and getaway, complete with a unique butterfly roofline.
    Roundup modern treehouses 1 rpa treehouse
  3. The Tree Snake Houses were designed by Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade in Portugal to resemble a snake sliding through the trees in a forest.
    Roundup modern treehouses 2 tree snake house
  4. Nozomi Nakabayashi designed this Hut on Stilts high off the ground amongst the trees to be used as a sleeping getaway or a writer’s office.
    Roundup modern treehouses 3 hut on stilts
  5. Snøhetta is responsible for the jaw-dropping Treehotel, located in a forest in Northern Sweden. Their latest elevated cabin is called The 7th Room and it’s a two-bedroom space nestled amongst the trees.
    Snohetta 7th room exteriors 1
  6. In Calistoga, California, O2 Treehouse designed this two-story treehouse for overnight guests and play.
    Roundup modern treehouses 5 02 treehouses calistoga
  7. Takashi Kobayashi has built over 120 treehouses in Japan, including this box-like structure, which features wavy planks of recycled wood as shingles on the exterior to achieve its unique look.
    Roundup modern treehouses 7 treehouse people
  8. In a suburb of Cape Town, Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design designed this unusual, cabin-like treehouse in a clearing amongst a bunch of trees.
    Roundup modern treehouses 6 graham paarman
  9. Villa Ardilla is an artist residence on a hillside in Granada, Spain, that's a tree-surrounded retreat that ditches typical wood as its main material and instead uses corrugated metal that’s painted red and green.
    Roundup modern treehouses 8 villa ardilla
  10. Perched 11 meters off the ground, this treehouse by Andreas Wenning of German firm baumraum is a getaway for the owners whose main house is on the property.
    Baumraum treehouse around the oak 3