Backsplashes are a necessity for kitchens, not only to keep your painted walls clean but also to add a unique design touch to a space you’re going to spend a whole lot of time. Here are 12 creative tile options to check out. Read more:
  1. clé’s Container Tiles, designed by John Whitmarsh, are cut from actual shipping containers! Super eco-friendly.
    Creative kitchen backsplash cle shipping container
  2. Featuring traditional Japanese patterns, these tiles from Made a Mano take backsplashes in a whole new direction.
    Creative kitchen backsplash japanese made a mano
  3. A graphic, zig zag pattern was created in this kitchen simply by laying the tiles out a certain way.
    Creative kitchen backsplash bw geometric
  4. Using various Made a Mano rectangular tiles with patterns and colors, the tiles are laid out to create horizontal stripes up the wall.
    Creative kitchen backsplash made a mano 600x447
  5. To jazz up this mostly white kitchen, Jute Interior Design used zig zag tiles in varying shades of green and white to cover the backsplash.
    Creative kitchen backsplash jute zigzag
  6. Italian tile manufacturer Marazzi designed this kitchen with their Block monochromatic mosaic tile in various graphic patterns.
    Creative kitchen backsplash mosaic marazzi 600x899
  7. While not technically tile, this chevron backsplash was created by Wilsonart using their laminates.
    Creative kitchen backsplash wilsonart 600x435
  8. Utilizing graphic tiles from Jatana Interiors, this home in Sydney went for a bold black and white pattern to enhance their simple, modern kitchen.
    Creative kitchen backsplash jodiyork kitchen
  9. Generally you see classic herringbone on the floor but we love how they carried it to the backsplash and used a darker grout – it makes the pattern pop!
    Creative kitchen backsplash herringbone white 600x896
  10. A loft in Hollywood, California is decked out with recycled skateboards that the Art of Board turns into art tiles.
    Creative kitchen backsplash skateboards
  11. Drawing Dept added texture to this kitchen’s back wall using Walker Zanger’s Fretwork Pattern Interlocking Field tiles in white.
    Creative kitchen backsplash crittenden white 600x383
  12. A backsplash made up of solid bronze Basic tiles, from Rocky Mountain Hardware, in various sizes and patinas creates a mixed media metal look that would work with any color scheme.
    Creative kitchen backsplash mixed media metals