It’s almost that time of year where slack lovers are reminded to express their feelings to any and everyone they love. Now there are no excuses, because here are 20 ways to tell that special someone how you feel. Get all the info here: http://design-milk.com/love-you-mean-it-20-valentines-day-cards/
  1. Love Sick from Dear Hancock
    We love the vibrating black and white letters that spell out ‘Love’.
  2. Dots and Dyes – Heart from Yellow Owl Workshop
    Say ‘love’ without having to actually say it – instead, let the hearts say it for you.
  3. HTML &hearts from Code Cards
    For all the computer nerds, display your feelings with the HTML code that would display a heart.
  4. Love Rock Ticket from a. favorite design
    For your music-lover lover (or your lover that’s a music lover), a ticket stub-inspired card.
  5. I Like Your Face from Near Modern Disaster
    Take the unconventional, semi-subtle route and compliment their face.
  6. like zombies love brains from Sapling Press
    Because nothing says love like zombies...
  7. YOU + ME from Two Trick Pony
    Remember when it was cool to carve your initials into a tree to express to the world who you loved? Now, here's a card to do it for you.
  8. Mixtape Card from Wit & Whistle
    Remember when you made mixed tapes for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Nothing screamed love more than your favorite songs perfectly arranged for your crush.
  9. You Turn Me On from Twin Ravens Press
    For that inner geek in all of us...
  10. Love To You Heart from Egg Press
    Red, white, and blue chevron pattern, letterpressed on a die-cut heart-shaped card, simply saying ‘Love To You’.
  11. Chalkboard XOXO from Paper Cup Design
    Show some chalkboard love in the form of a little XOXO action and we dare you not to sing Beyoncé's song when they open it.
  12. I Want You So Bad from Gold Teeth Brooklyn
    Don’t be shy – just lay your cards out on the table. Just say I Want You So Bad if that’s how you feel.
  13. Bling by Carolyn Suzuki
    If you can't afford to buy bling, get a card with bling on it.
  14. Check Boxes from Pinwheel Print Shop
    Check off whichever pet name seems appropriate.
  15. My Life Would Suck Without You from letterhappy
    Don’t beat around the bush or anything, say it like you mean it.
  16. You’re Exactly My Type from Red Letter Paper Company
    For those in your life who squeal over all things typography.
  17. We Go Together Like Blank from The Hungry Workshop
    Let your mind go wild, whether it be really sweet, corny, or downright sexy - just fill in the blank!
  18. Like A Blank Loves Blank from The Hungry Workshop
    Because we couldn’t resist sharing another card from this fill in the blank collection...
  19. Turn Me Up from Waterknot Design
    I think the card says it all...
  20. You Are Amazing Neon from Richie Designs
    Just in case your special someone needs a reminder – and what better way than to say it in neon pink letters!