Design Milk curated about a dozen lists to help you find that perfect modern gift for the people in your life.
  1. For the Person Who Has Everything
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    That one person on everyone’s list – you know the one – the one we all dread buying for because they already own everything.
  2. Books
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    Here we offer you some visually delightful books that would make great gifts for your design-loving recipients.
  3. Pets
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    We rounded up a few of our favorite gifts any modern dog or cat with love.
  4. Under $50
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    Here’s a collection of great go-to gifts for just about anyone when you want to cap the money spent at $50.
  5. Under $100
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    If you’re looking for a gift for someone and you want to spend just a little bit more, there’s a whole new ballpark of ideas when you open the price range up to $100.
  6. For Art Lovers
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    We round up some art at various price points that your friends and family would most likely love to receive.
  7. New Homeowners
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    Help your pals out by gifting them with fun housewares that will make their new space feel like a home.
  8. Handmade
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    Since we don’t all have the DIY gene, here are a dozen handmade gifts that will show your love this holiday season.
  9. Kids
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    We searched around for some great alternatives for toys that are built-to-last and more of investments instead of just another thing to throwaway in a few months.
  10. Her
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    From jewelry to headphones to sunglasses, there’s a little something for every lady on your list.
  11. Him
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    The holidays are always the perfect opportunity to detour away from the purely pragmatic or overly gadgety products traditionally associated with “him”.
  12. Tech
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    We wanted to skip past the usual suspects of tech gear found in typical retail channels, so we scoured around to find a dozen tech products offering something slightly different, novel, or just plain cool…gifts which will actually be an unexpected surprise.