It's almost 2016 so we scoped out the internet to find the best modern calendars. See all 22 with links for buying here: http://design-milk.com/22-modern-calendars-2016/
  1. 2016 Isometric Risograph Calendar by JP King \\\ $24
    Printed with soy-based ink, these 3-color risograph prints pop with the use of fluorescent pink, blue and yellow on oatmeal-colored Kraft paper.
  2. Color Swatch Calendar by Peter von Freyhold \\\ € 39,80
    A colorful calendar that lets you tear off a swatch for each day of the year that you can then collect in the storage box or connect together for a color swatch book.
  3. Bubble Calendar \\\ $26
    Get the satisfaction of popping a bubble every day of the year as each day passes in 2016.
  4. 2016 Calendar Tea Towel by Avril Loreti \\\ $25
    Avril Loreti is back with her latest tea towel calendar that looks like twinkling, geometric shapes with her signature hand lettering on top.
  5. Stendig Calendar by Massimo Vignelli \\\ $45
    Massimo Vignelli’s classic design from 1966, which is always a Design Milk favorite.
  6. 2016 Typography Calendar by Studio Hinrichs \\\ $32 (desk) or $49 (super)
    A mix of 12 unique typefaces that includes descriptions of the type and biographies of the designers.
  7. Today – 2016 Daily Calendar by Matthew Hoffman \\\ $36.50
    This small, desktop calendar features a piece of paper for each day of the year with a daily phrase in Hoffman’s own handwriting.