From homes to offices to libraries, check out these former churches and chapels that have been given a new life through modern design.
  1. Church conversion by Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects
    The 5,500-square-foot project took an old church in Chicago, Illinois and turned it into a single-family home for a family with three young children. Photo by Jim Tschetter. \\\ Read more here: http://bit.ly/1Lz9Pzm
  2. Saint-Denys-du-Plateau Church -> Monique-Corriveau Library
    What once was the Saint-Denys-du-Plateau church in Quebec has now become the Monique-Corriveau Library with the help of Dan Hanganu and Côté Leahy Cardas Architects. The church, built in 1964, was designed by the late architect Jean-Marie Roy and was considered a prime example of Quebec’s modern architecture heritage. Photo by Stéphane Groleau. \\\ More images and info: http://bit.ly/1j8S6lz
  3. Sant Francesc Convent Renovation
    This neglected church, once part of the Sant Francesc Convent, was renovated by Catalan architect David Closes. Located in the town of Santpedor, Spain, it was the last building standing from the convent and was badly in need of repair. The project turned the former church into an auditorium and multifunctional space for cultural events. Photos © Jordi Surroca. \\\ More: http://bit.ly/1j8S4tV
  4. 19thC Church Becomes a Web Design Firm
    Acato, a web design firm, grew weary of their offices being right above a fishmonger, so the company hired Rotterdam-based BBVH Architects to transform a 19th Century church building into their new offices in the center of The Hague. The building was dilapidated and didn’t meet any of today’s codes for safety, sustainability, or comfort, which led to BBVH giving the property a major refurbishment. Photo by Luuk Kramer. \\\ More: http://bit.ly/1LzaC3k
  5. House in a Church on the River
    This 1930s church-turned-house by Ruud Visser Architects in collaboration with Peter Boer is located along the river De Rotte in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. \\\ See more: http://bit.ly/1j8SEIa