Every Friday we profile a different person in the design industry and let them share 5 things that interest them. Here are 10 that we think are changing the game.
  1. Swizz Beatz
    What you might not know is that the Bronx-born Kasseem Dean, aka Swizz Beatz, has his toes dipped in many other arenas besides music. He founded The Dean Collection, which is a contemporary art family collection, and No Commission, a three-day immersive music festival and contemporary art fair that helps support artists around the globe. Read more: http://design-milk.com/friday-five-with-swizz-beatz/
  2. Deborah Lloyd
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    As Chief Creative Officer of Kate Spade & Company, the British-born Lloyd has creatively championed the global brand through successful launches of home furnishings, ready-to-wear, jewelry, leg wear, beauty, swimwear, and children’s wear, as well as award-winning ad campaigns. Read more: http://design-milk.com/friday-five-with-deborah-lloyd/
  3. Jon Buscemi
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    As a kid, Long Island native Jon Buscemi soaked up the 80s and 90s street culture that surrounded him, from music to fashion to skateboarding. With 20+ years under his design belt, he launched his eponymous line, BUSCEMI in 2013 with a curated selection of handcrafted Italian-made leather sneakers. Read more: http://design-milk.com/friday-five-with-jon-buscemi-of-buscemi/
  4. Lee Penson
    F5 lee penson 0a
    With offices in London, Beijing, and New York City, PENSON has risen to the top of the crop of architecture and interior design firms thanks to the company’s innovative founder and CEO, Lee Penson. His roster of of clients include the likes of Jay Z, Google, PlayStation, Jaguar Land Rover, Lotte World Tower, Co-Work, and AccorHotels, making PENSON a go-to studio for game-changing design. Read more: http://design-milk.com/friday-five-with-lee-penson/
  5. Alison Berger
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    Los Angeles-based Alison Berger is an artist that brings an extensive design and architectural background to her visionary lighting fixtures, objects, furnishings, sculptures, and commission projects through a perfect balance of glass and light. Using traditional glass blowing methods, her timeless works pay homage to scaled-back historic forms that seamlessly bring an old world feel to modern design. Read more: http://design-milk.com/friday-five-with-alison-berger/
  6. Harry Allen
    F5 harry allen 0 headshot
    Harry Allen is a New Jersey-born, New York City-based designer that has launched a copious amount of work since establishing his eponymous firm in 1993. From interiors, furniture, and lighting, to various cheeky products, like his infamous pig bank and his super fun banana bowl, Allen’s designs make a statement and are almost always unforgettable. Read more: http://design-milk.com/friday-five-with-harry-allen/
  7. Jon Burgerman
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    Born in the United Kingdom, NYC-based Jon Burgerman is a contemporary artist, or one might say, a professional doodler and his signature bold, graphic style is quite infectious. Recently, he’s been focused on making books launching a coloring book, called Burgerworld, that gives you the opportunity to partially jump inside his creative mind while exploring your own. Read more: http://design-milk.com/friday-five-jon-burgerman/
  8. Mimi Jung
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    Seoul-born Mimi Jung studied at both Cooper Union and HGK Basel and then settled into Brooklyn and launched her own creative studio called Brook&Lyn. She’s become known for her weavings, where she creates woven wall pieces and environments that let users experience them through movement around and through them. Read more: http://design-milk.com/friday-five-mimi-jung/