Most of the supposed smart devices don’t really make life much easier, let alone play nice together. But some are more ready for primetime and worthy of recommending today than others, even if we’re still a few system upgrades from demanding, “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” Read more details here:
  1. Eero
    Simplicity is at the heart of Eero, beginning right out of the box with a minimalist industrial design. Each Eero unit is capable of operating as a router, Ethernet-equipped access point, or range extender and is designed to work as a trio (or more). If easy is what you’re looking for, Eero is currently the best wi-fi hardware available.
  2. ALNpet Feeder
    Alnpet feeder 600x409
    This unit is remarkably packed with features: wireless connectivity, app controlled feeding, retractable feeding bowl, remote video camera, and even a microphone to listen in your furry friend crunching on kibbles.
  3. Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect Smart Window AC
    Frigidaire window mounted ac 600x409
    The Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect model was designed with a considerable amount of attention, and it’s undeniably the best looking window AC unit available today.
  4. Sony Multifunctional Light
    Sonymultifunctionalight 600x338
    Equipped with built-in motion detection, temperature, humidity, and light sensors, the overhead light’s numerous sensors and connectivity technology allow it to orchestrate other network-connected appliances.
  5. Lutron Serena Shades
    Lutron serena shades 600x388
    This remote roller shade system has been available for awhile now, but it’s been evolving with the times, adding iOS app controls and now Apple HomeKit integration. Plugged into a home internet router, the Smart Bridge adds an impactful automation tool, one benefitting not only home privacy/security, but also interior temperature regulation throughout the summer.
  6. Google Home
    Google home.hub  600x338
    Expect to hear a lot more about Google Home in the near future, a cute speaker that is the first serious Amazon Echo contender. Like the Eero wi-fi system above, Google imagines users placing several Google Home units throughout the house, each capable of working independently and in conjunction with other home automation devices. And of course, you can ask the small speaker anything you might otherwise Google on your phone or computer by voice alone.
  7. Elegato Eve Room Wireless Indoor Sensor
    Eve airsensor 600x343
    The spare all-white battery operated unit continually “breathes” in air, monitoring air quality, temperature, and humidity. The trio of sensors report back a detailed report to an iOS-compatible app for review.
  8. Blueair Sense+
    Blueair sense  aware sensor 600x595
    The 2-stage HEPASilent+ Filter operates quietly at its lowest setting but can be turned up for more serious air cleaning duties. It's wi-fi enabled remote controls allow for automatic control functions such as the airflow speed, LED light, child lock and night mode via iOS or Android compatible app.