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  1. Virtual Reality
    The Moveo Krush VR ride takes simulated experiences to another level (actually looks kinda nauseating!)
  2. $55K headphones (say what!?)
    What do $55,000 headphones sound like? Our editor, Gregory, got so immersed in the experience he ended up needing to be tapped on the shoulder by Sennheiser to return back to reality while listening to the new Orpheus. Beautiful Carrara marble base and decoupled tube amplifiers make this a statement piece for sight and sound.
  3. The Car of the Future
    Also on our shortlist of most innovative designs at the CES 2016 is the Faraday Future 1,000 HP FFZero1 electric supercar. Lead designer Richard Kim says this concept is just 1% of what the company is working upon...
  4. The World's Largest TV?
    The most crowded display at Samsung CES hall is at the gigantic 170-inch SUHD TV. Not exaggerating when we say we felt the IMAX effect while watching roller coaster and water slide footage on this modular 4K display (yes, it's made of many displays seamlessly combined).
  5. Luxury Smartwatch!
    We were intrigued with the Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch - 1.5" fully circular LTPS LCD display, in case you're wondering (at the Intel booth).
  6. TRON IRL?
    Panasonic's projection mapping technology is like real life TRON lightcycles, capable of tracking a physical foam ball over any surface and creating trailing graphics in real time. Can't wait for interactive video games that use gesture and untethered objects.