We heart naps hard around here so when we find things that make napping easier, we champion them. Here are some of our favorites:
  1. Orwell Sofa - It's a private urban fort. Yes, please!
  2. Cacoon - A suspended, outdoor tent so you can swing amongst the trees.
  3. HUSH - Like a giant felt womb in heaven.
  4. Dissidence - A hammock that dreams are made of!
  5. Cradle - A giant cradle for adults.
  6. Feel Seating System Deluxe - A bit unconventional but the 120 squishy balls (that move into different positions) will keep you cozy.
  7. Framura Nido - A nest of woven straps and soft cushions.
  8. Kulle Daybed - A bubbly daybed designed to feel like napping on a cloud. Bring it!
  9. Enveloppe - A sofa that gives you a great big hug. Awwwww!
  10. Ostrich pillow - When you can't go balls out on your nap, this pillow has your back. Or head, actually.