Did you know that we launched a sister site last year that features nothing but architecturally-inspired jewelry? It's called Adorn Milk and it's a way for us to bring our love of modern design to the body on a daily basis. Check it out!
  1. Solar Ring SL03.003 by Ana Pina \\\ $75
    Stylized shapes combine the articulation of geometric elements with the inspiration of the curves that draw the sunset. Buy it here:
  2. Unisex Silhouette Rings by Objcts \\\ From $48
    For men or women, these rings come in several shapes and different metals. Buy them here:
  3. Diamond Wearable Planter Ring by Wearable Planter \\\ $20
    This ring can carry a plant, and it was made with 3D printing, which pretty much means it was made in the future, for the future. Buy it here:
  4. Zeus 2-Finger Adjustable Ring by Hvnter Gvtherer \\\ $70
    The ring is named for the god of thunder, who sent a tornado through Chicago just in time for her nocturnal wedding. Buy it here:
  5. Vesper Necklace by Crave \\\ $69
    It's a necklace! It's a vibrator! It's both! Buy it here:
  6. Side Ring Necklace by Another Human Design \\\ $48
    Handmade polymer clay beads on black leather cord or white waxed cotton cord. Buy it here:
  7. Asymmetrical Arrow Necklace by Ofmatter \\\ $30
    Two brass triangles resting on the side of an antique brass chain. Buy it here:
  8. Black and White Okapi Necklace by Okapiknits \\\ $45
  9. Plisse Bracelet - Narrow by Minimaliti \\\ $67
    Inspired by pattern and rhythm of pleated fabric, this bracelet has a sculptural and dynamic look. Buy it here:
  10. Droplet Bracelet by Megan Auman \\\ $65
    These simple, classic bracelets are easy enough to wear every day. Buy it here:
  11. OB5 Leaf Bangle by Ex Ovo \\\ $65
    Dozens of leaf shapes are cut out of a sheet of acrylic and bent to wrap around your wrist. Buy it here:
  12. Hexagon Concrete Cufflinks by Maple + Mauve \\\ $ 44
    These hexagon concrete cuff links have been hand cast around silver plated backs then sanded and finished with sealant. Buy them here: