1. Angular Geometry
    Sharp geometry is the standout principle of this contemporary oceanfront home and pool by architectural firm ANDO Corporation. Photo by Photo by Kimikazu Tomizawa.
  2. Raised Pool with Glass Wall
    CyD House by V.Oid Architecture in Lima, Peru features a pool with side walls built up of concrete and mosaic blue tiles inside. \\\ Photo by Juan Solano
  3. Infinity Pool
    The Garden Design Studio designed and built this custom infinity pool for a house in Austin, Texas, along with the furniture that floats at water level. \\\ Photo by Garden Design Studio
  4. Yes to All of This, Please.
    Spa House by Metropolis Design in Cape Town, South Africa has a deck that’s designed to look like a raft. And, there is actually a spa located below the water level of the pool, with a direct view into it through large glass windows.
  5. With Modern Stepping Stones
    Rolling Stone Landscapes brought a resort feel to this modern home in NSW, Australia. The pools make up a majority of the outdoor space with built-in stepping stones, trees, and planters bisecting them.
  6. Shell-Shaped Masterpiece
    Studio Marastoni designed this concrete house on Sardinia’s Emerald Coast, complete with a shell-shaped pool and a teak wraparound deck. \\\ Photo by Alessandro Gadotti
  7. Raised, Transparent Pool!
    Australia’s Out From The Blue (OFTB) designed this incredible pool with a transparent wall that follows the treads of the steps down into the pool. You can get a view of the other side of the pool from the interior of the house. \\\ Photo by Dean Bradley
  8. Pool Seems to Extend Through House
    Vanguarda Architects designed this extensive pool house in Buenos Aires. The pool seems to extend right through the building’s large plate windows, where it then drops off to a lagoon. A double height sitting room functions as the indoor patio.
  9. Pool Slices Right Through This Home
    Chicago area firm New Space Architects designed this sleek white contemporary residence, with a pool that slices through it. Though it looks to be outdoors, if you look up, you’ll see it’s covered by a glass skylight. Two glass catwalks cross over the pool, and plenty of glass railings keep the space crystal clear.
  10. Glass-Bottomed Roof Pool
    Situated right on the coast of Spain in Marbella, the Jellyfish House, designed by Wiel Arets Architects (WAA), utilizes a cantilevered design so that when the homeowners are on the top floor the views of the ocean can always be seen. Um, oh yeah, AND that pool. \\\ Photo by Jan Bitter