From handmade wooden toys to a new way to create acoustic panels, here's what's hot in modern design this week...
  1. A Sophisticated Glass House in Canada
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    Danny Cantarelli, the designer and principal behind DCAM Homes, recently completed The Glass House in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, just outside of Toronto. The modern design displays an open floor plan, a sophisticated simplicity, and a strong indoor/outdoor connection. \\\ Read more:
  2. Moleskine Launches Colorful Fabric-Covered Notebooks
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    Moleskine’s latest series of notebooks is the Blend Collection which feature jacquard fabric covers that were inspired by touch. Underneath the textured exterior is the hard cover classic notebooks we all know and love, but now the tactile woven fabric is there to keep you cozy on a cold night. \\\ Read more:
  3. A Modern Haussmannien Flat in Paris
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    Designed for a family of four, this 110 square meter apartment is a typical Haussmannien flat in the heart of Paris’ famous Le Marais district. The family hired Batiik Studio to renovate the interior while also restructuring the floor plan. While the flat underwent a major renovation, they preserved the historic character of the original space by keeping the wood floors and moldings. \\\ Photo by Roberta Donatini. \\\ Read more:
  4. Flexible, Modular Acoustic Partition System
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    Benjamin Hubert, of design agency Layer, has come up with a modular acoustic partition system for Woven Image that’s incredibly flexible. After three years in development and 15 prototyping stages, Scale makes its debut as a sustainable option for creating workplace privacy and flexible spaces. Not only does it become a space divider, it provides audio absorption to cut down on noise. \\\ Read more:
  5. Pen Uno - The Ultimate Minimalist Pen
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    ENSSO aims to take writing to the next level with their minimal, all-aluminum pen that’s not only enjoyable to write with, it’s beautiful to look at. Its small diameter (only 5.3mm) makes it one of the slimmest pens that’s ever been manufactured, but it still remains comfortable in the hand due to its slightly wider holding barrel. \\\ Read more:
  6. Toys Made From Scrap Wood
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    Designer/maker Daniel Moyer’s main material in his furniture designs is wood and he’s found a clever way to use up those pieces of scrap that he had laying around. takes those solid wood pieces and turns them into playful, handmade toys, made just as his prototype and one-of-a-kind edition furniture pieces. \\\ Read more: