Grab a trashy novel or an autobiography and snuggle up in one of these cozy spots.
  1. Nook with a view
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    Built within the Mapledene Road house, designed by Platform 5 Architects, a glass box juts out from the structure creating a dreamy, sun-filled window seat for you to get your read on.
  2. For the kiddos
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    From San Francisco-based Siol, this hidden, plush rug-covered reading nook waits behind a door with a molded plywood platform that’s similar to the curve of a skateboard ramp. \\\ Photos by Paul Dyer
  3. An extra cozy space
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    This tiny reading nook is tucked away in a 240-square-foot New York City apartment. Architect Tim Seggerman made the most of every nook and cranny he could find in the Upper West Side studio. \\\ Photo by David Engelhardt
  4. Bright and airy
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    Architect David Hotson turned this vaulted top floor space into a modern bedroom where one side has an alcove bed situated under a wedged space that extends up to the attic. Perfect for reading your favorite romance novel.
  5. Sleek and urban
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    This New York City loft, designed by Martin Raffone LLC Interior Design, has a long and narrow profile, but with clever design tricks, it’s full of areas to kick back and relax. Check out this reading corner in the bedroom that’s situated on a raised landing that leads to the bathroom. \\\ Photo by Åke E:son Lindman