For years, we've been crushing on artist and graphic designer Mike Joyce's side project called Swissted, which brilliantly pairs punk rock, rap, and rock with Swiss modernism to become really cool typographic posters. Check them out!
  1. David Bowie
    David bowie 2 1024x1024
  2. N.W.A.
    Nwa 1024x1024
  3. Nirvana
    Nirvana 1 1024x1024
  4. Blondie
    Blondie 1024x1024
  5. R.E.M.
    Rem 1024x1024
  6. The Clash
    The clash 2 1024x1024
  7. The Velvet Underground
    Velvet underground 1024x1024
  8. Foo Fighters
    Foo fighters 1024x1024
  9. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    Nick cave badseeds 1024x1024
  10. No Doubt
    No doubt 1024x1024
  11. Public Enemy
    Public enemy 1024x1024
  12. The Smiths
    Smiths 2 1024x1024
  13. He has a great book featuring a bunch of the posters that you can cut out to hang or you can purchase prints on his site!